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The Early Warning® EW-202 Digital Radar/Laser Detector provides superior protection, outstanding range, travel information and a lot of other convenient features you may love.

The EW-202 detects 22 different frequencies at long range and identifies the signals quickly and easily.

The EW-202 can detect if any in the 11 Radar, 7 Laser, and 2 safety Alert Signal Frequencies are in use in your vicinity, and its 360-degree laser coverage and POP instant-on radar alerts provide additional safeguards.

The EW-202 also detects safety alert transmitters to point out when emergency vehicles, trains, road hazards, school buses and other safety or emergency vehicles are approaching.

The EW-202 also provides total immunity to VG-2, Spectre I, II, III, and Spectre IV radar detector detection devices, which means when a police officer uses some of those devices the officer can’t detect if the driver is employing a radar detector.

The EW-202 features city/highway modes to cut back false alarms in densely populated areas and its intelligent muting keeps false audio alerts to a minimum.

The EW-202 will power off automatically in order to save it whenever you turn your automobile off, as well as the built-in memory remembers your settings with an indefinite amount of your time without power.

The EW-202 also detects Ku frequency that has been recently approved for use within the United States.

So get the Early Warning EW-202  Radar/Laser Detector for superb accuracy and dependability and you can finish up ready for almost anything on the road.


Detects 22-Frequencies now in use!

11 Radar

9 Laser

2 Safety Alert Systems

Product Features
tutorial mode
mute seleccion
3 dim selection
city on led

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