Clarion MiND 4.8-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator (Black) review

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Manufacturer’s Review (December 26, 2008)
Combining personal GPS navigation and real-time Points of Interest (POI) with Internet based entertainment and full web browsing, the easily portable and pocketable Clarion MiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device provides rich GPS navigation with full PC-like Internet browsing capabilities thanks to the 4.8-inch, 800 x 480-pixel touchscreen. You’ll find a way to connect for the Internet via Wi-Fi at home, inside the office or via hotspots out and about within the city. The ClarionMiND also permits Internet connectivity via Bluetooth when paired which has a mobile phone.
The Clarion MiND in black. This next-generation mobile device uses the strength of Intel’s Atom processor, and it also features a 4 GB internal memory, MicroSD storage device slot for expansion, built-in speaker and headphone jack, USB connectivity, plus a rechargeable battery that delivers as much as 1.3 hours of continuous use. It’s pre-installed with complete mapping and points of interest (POI) coverage to the U.S. and Canada from Navteq and you also can simply use Google Maps for additional searching.

It includes both DC (in-car) and AC (in-home) power adapters also being a windshield/dash mount kit. Additionally, using the optional car docking station (model NK1U), you are able to receive real-time traffic info via the Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC) and route navigation audio and music files using your vehicle’s audio system.

A full-fledged navigation system that takes you accurately in your destination, the Clarion MiND offers simplicity of operation along having a brightly colorful touchscreen display too like a unique mixture of Internet access and navigation. Additionally to pre-installed POIs, you can use information offered by Google Maps to check on out information about a place you are attempting to go. It is achievable to then obtain your destination’s information using Send button on Google Maps, and then transfer that information in your ClarionMiND and navigate right to its location.

The Clarion MiND provides smooth movement and automatic zoom during route guidance, too as lane guidance, display of speed limits, and text-to-speech voice guidance (in English, Spanish and French). Other features include 2 million POIs placed in 59 categories, fast route and re-route calculations, flexible routing selections for kind of transportation (car/pedestrian/bike/motorcycle) and type of route (short/quick/economical), both 2D and 3D map views, and house number resolution for door-to-door navigation.

The next turn direction and distance towards the turn are displayed for the top left section from the screen. When you approach an intersection, the most notable in the screen shows the direction as well as the voice guidance provides you with instructions.
The Car Mode’s split screen.
The Mobile Mode’s slide view (top) and carousel view (bottom).
The Clarion MiND’s web browser.
The MySpace browser.Portable, Dockable
As a portable device, the Clarion MiND allows you to use it inside the home or office, or when you might be out and about. In your car, the navigation mode starts as soon as the system is placed inside standard cradle or perhaps the optional Car Dock. The touchscreen makes operation easy, so you can utilize the split screen display to see and operate the two map and a quick information screen that shows other applications available while inside Car Mode. The optional Car Dock also provides an eternity RDS-TMC subscription to help you navigate around traffic and save gas.

In Mobile Mode, the Clarion MiND acts just like a portable media player (PMP) with graphical icons providing use of every certainly one of the device’s multimedia and Internet capabilities. The icon layout may be switched from the Slide View and Carousel View, which might be arranged to your liking depending on that which you use most .

Stay Connected and Entertained Around The Go
When connected to the Web utilizing a Wi-Fi network or using a Bluetooth link for a mobile phone’s cellular network, you can make use of the MySpace icon to travel directly to the popular online community website with over 100 million members. The easy-to-operate MySpace browser has enhanced viewer functions to create MySpace more fun to work with than which has a PC. What’s more, it is achievable to receive e-mail from friends or display blog update messages in either Car Mode or Mobile Mode, so staying connected with friends is a lot easier than ever.

The YouTube icon for the Home Screen offers you one-touch access to a single in the world’s most widely used video community–no need to activate the web browser. The easy to view and operate YouTube viewer displays thumbnails so it can be done to use buttons like Featured, Most Viewed, Related and Most Discussed videos, to quickly view the videos you want to see.

Using the Firefox-based browser, you can navigate the Web exactly the same way you do on the PC. Find where you want to go, for example restaurants, concert venues and shops by checking the information about the Internet.

Check the most recent climate with information from The Elements Channel. One day’s weather information for a designated area is displayed in the Quick Information Area from the home screen, and activating weather application will display meteorological information for 5 days. The latest news is displayed in the Quick Information Area with the home screen and updated every 60 minutes from both BBC and CNN.

Enjoy your chosen music, movies and photos for the Clarion MiND while using pre-installed RealPlayer software, that will play multimedia files stored on either the Clarion MiND’s internal 4 GB memory or on optional MicroSD memory cards. It’s compatible which has a wide range of file formats (audio – mp3, mp4, mpg, mpeg, rm, ra, rv, rmvb, aac, ac3, ogg, wav, wma; video – wmv, 3gp, divx; photos – jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp). To hear music, tapping the playback files for category lists like Now Playing, Artist and Album brings inside the playback screen and displays artist names and album and song titles. You are able to select random or repeat for playback, or even use other applications while playing music.

The ClarionMiND also comes with e-mail software compatible effortlessly the major mail protocols, including POP3 and SMTP. Input is straightforward using the on-screen keyboard. You can register multiple e-mail accounts, enabling one to send and receive emails separately as required web hosting or business use.

Other Features

Software Keyboard: Tap the fields for mail or keyboard search and a soft keyboard will appear on the display. Large and simple to use, laptop keyboards allows you to input navigation destinations and appearance words.
Quick Information Keys: A Simple Information Area is displayed in miniature on the bottom with the home screen. By tapping the four key icons in the edges from the area–News key, Weather key, MySpace key, and Portal Sync key–you can show information from each in realtime for the home screen.
Touch Panel Control: Using a stylus pen or maybe your finger to tap or drag objects displayed for the screen makes operation easy.
Contacts: Registering your address, phone number, and e-mail address in your address book enables you to smoothly link functions by activating Navigation from the Contacts screen, inputting the settings for the destination, and sending e-mail.
PDF Viewer: PDF file viewing capability. PDF files may be opened inside File Manager or Browser. It is achievable to use touch operation to change the display location by dragging it over the screen. Long-pressing the screen gives you the full-screen display.
File Manager: ClarionMiND provides file management, allowing one to search for, move, copy, delete, or change the names of files within the directory file within the ClarionMiND folder. In addition to ClarionMiND file management, connecting to some USB / micro SD device automatically activates File Manager, which makes it possible to manage files saved to USB / micro SD devices, such as USB memory cards and micro SD cards. Use this to manage documents and PDF files, also as music, videos and photos that might be reproduced using RealPlayer.
Note Pad: You are able to create simple documents using Note Pad. Additionally to creating and editing sentences, you are able to utilize the text editor for search and replace, selecting fonts, and setting the Word Wrap and Auto Indent functions.
Connection: It is achievable to connect to the Internet via WiFi or via dialup connection employing a Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone with the Internet subscription.

4.8 inch WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) LCD Display with touch screen
Intel Atom Architecture (800 MHz)
4 GB solid state drive (SSD) flash memory
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
Bluetooth 2.0+EDR with DUN (Dial-up Network) profile
SiRFstarIII GPS module with 20-channel GPS receiver
Li-Ion battery (Small Battery: 2 hours, Optional Large Battery: 4 hours)
Built-In amplifier and speaker
3.5mm external headphone connector
2 USB ports (standard/mini)
microSD card slot
Docking Station (NK1*1) connector
RDS-TMC Traffic Ready (lifetime subscription; optional car dock required)
What’s within the Box
Clarion Mind navigation device, stylus pen, AC adapter, plug converter, car adapter, battery pack, support arm, attachment, suction plate, quick start guide
ClarionMiND is a completely new type of mobile Internet device created by the car audio and navigation expert Clarion. As a Next Generation Navigation plus Internet-Based Entertainment device, it gives you GPS navigation, and with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, the Internet can be accessed via a full browser anytime and anywhere. ClarionMiND has a fresh interface that enables you to definitely navigate the real-world along with the unlimited possibilities from the Internet in the touch of your finger. Standard Features: Available in Black, White and Red; 4.8-inch TFT WVGA Touch Screen; Built-In Navigation; Built-In WiFi; Stylus and Quick Reference Guide; Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery; Cigarette lighter and AC Adapter; Windshield Mount Kit. Hardware: Intel Atom Processor Architecture; 4.8 inch WVGA(800×480) Widescreen LCD Display with touch screen; Simple Three Buttons (Home, Control,Audio); Built in stylus holder; Headphone Jack; Built-In Speaker / Amplifier; Inter-changeable Li-Ion Battery and extended battery can be acquired being an option. Storage: 512MB DRAM; 800MHz Clock Speed; 4GB Solid-State memory for Storage. I/O: MicroSD Card Slot; 2 USB Port (Standard 2.0/Mini); Built-In WiFi b/g; Built-In Bluetooth 2.0 EDR for Dial-up Networking (phone tethering) uses phone being a modem; Built-In SiRF GPS III 20-Channel GPS Antenna/Reciever; USB media control to external MP3 thru RealPlayer; Docking Station Connector for optional NK1. Dimensions: 6.61in(W) x 3.78in (H) x 1.06in (D) with Standard Battery; 6.61in(W) x 3.78in (H) x 1.42in (D) with Large battery (Option); Total Weight : With Standard Battery: 11.64oz With Large Battery: 13.76oz (Option.

Portable Internet-connected navigation/entertainment device in black with for GPS turn-by-turn directions and multimedia playback
Pre-loaded with Navteq maps and 2 million POIs for U.S. and Canada; send Google Maps information to device; 2D and 3D map views
Store music, movies, and photos on 4 GB internal memory or on optional MicroSD memory cards; pre-installed MySpace and YouTube software
Connects to the Web via Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) or through Bluetooth-connected cell phone; access to email; PDF viewer
Includes car and AC chargers; rechargeable battery provides up to 1.3 hours of continuous use

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