Cobra ESD 7000 6-Band ESD Radar/Laser Detector price

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read more Details Product Description Protect yourself from prying radar and intrusive laser detection using the Cobra ESD-7000 radar detector. The six-band device monitors radar from the X, K, and Ka Superwide bands, whilst using its 360-degree LaserEye to perceive laser signals from any direction. Should a radar or laser gun be pointed inside your direction, the ESD-7000 will alert you immediately, permitting you to rest easy while cruising through speed traps. In addition, the ESD-7000 is immune to both VG2 and Spectre 1 technologies, making it invisible to officers scanning for radar detectors about the freeway–a common tactic using states. Meanwhile, drivers who need to avoid traffic snarls due to accidents or roadwork will appreciate the Safety Alert function, which scans for emergency vehicles outfitted with Safety Alert transmitters.

An affordable radar/laser detector with reliable and proven performance. Click to enlarge.
Low-profile detector mounts easily on windshield or dashboard. Click to enlarge.
Ultra-bright, easy to read data display.

6 Band Detection
The ESD 7000 detects all four speed monitoring systems plus VG-2 and Safety Alert signals: X Band Radar, K Band Radar, Ka Superwide Radar, VG-2 Alert System, all laser signals, and Safety Alert traffic warning system.

VG-2 Alert
Provides immunity to VG-2 detection. VG-2 is a “detector detector” that works well by detecting low-level signals emitted by most radar detectors. Your detector does not emit signals that could be detected by VG-2, but does detect VG-2 signals and definately will alert you every time a device is within use near your vehicle.

UltraBright Data Display
Provides easy recognition of band detected by usage of band identification icons.

Provides 360-degree detection of laser signals.

Safety Alert
Warns drivers with the presence and/or approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossing, and road hazard locations equipped with Cobra’s exclusive Safety Alert transmitters.

Auto Mute
Automatically mutes the alert tone for enhanced driver convenience.

City/Highway Modes
Allows the user to choose operating mode, decreasing the frequency of falsing in densely polulated urban areas.

One-Year Limited Warranty
Enjoy extra satisfaction knowing your detector is backed by Cobra’s one-year warranty.

What’s within the Box
ESD 7000 Radar Detector Unit, Straight 12V DC Power Cord, Windshield Mounting Bracket with suction cups, Instruction Manual
Cobra ESD 7000 6-Band ESD Radar/Laser Detector

Product Features
6-band radar/laser detector for city or highway use
Monitors X, K, and Ka Superwide radar bands; 360-degree laser detection
Protects driver from VG2 and Spectre 1 scanning technologies
Safety Alert function warns drivers of emergency vehicles and roadwork hazards
Includes mounting bracket and power cord; one-year warranty

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