COBRA ESD-9117 10 Band Radar/Laser Detector price

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COBRA ESD9117 10 Band Radar/Laser Detector. The LaserEye provides 360 degree detection of radar and laser signals, while the Strobe Alert feature can detect tens of a large numbers of emergency vehicles equipped with traffic light controlling strobe emitters. With the Cobra 9117, you will know whats ahead before you get there. VG 2 Alerts: Though the product is undetectable by VG 2 radar, this system will pick up the signal and alert you. City/highway switch allows the user to choose the operating mode, which reduces the regularity of false alarms in densely populated urban areas. Additional features: A proximity detector can gauge how long through the source of an radar or laser signal you are, and Intellmute relative speed sensing helps in reducing false alarms. There’s an automatic mute which might be set to immediately mute the alarm to the drivers convenience, and also the unit retains its memory settings even though the energy source is removed.

Product Features
10 Band Radar/ Laser Detector
Detects 4 Laser Systems, 4 Radar Systems, 2 Safety Systems
360 Degrees Laser Detection/ UltraBright Data Display
Safety Alert Traffic Warning System
0.9 Lbs (WxLxH) 3.0″ x 1.25″ x 4.25″

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