Cobra ESD-9200 CS Radar Detector review

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The road is brimming with SUVs and distracted drivers, but Cobra’s 9200 radar detector is fashioned with 360-degree LaserEye radar/laser protection to optimize your awareness with the driving conditions, and minimize your likelihood of accidents and traffic violations. Using nine-band radar/laser detection, the Cobra 9200 reveals X, K, superwide KA, safety alert, strobe alert, SWS, VG-2, and laser signals. Ten different sounds and six visual alerts direct your awareness of special situations. Plus, the strobe alert works in tandem with oncoming emergency vehicles to provide you with the advanced warning of these presence.
Distinct band identification letters are displayed to offer easy observation of warning signals. The detector features further your protection with signal strength monitors, indicating your relative proximity to the broadcasting unit. Operation is controlled by an on/off/volume dial and three ergonomic buttons, installed on top, that control automatic and manual muting, dimming, and switching between city/highway modes. When emergency vehicles are built with similar alert systems, you garner advance alert of their approach and proximity.

The Cobra 9200 is created for dashboard or windshield mounting and comes with all of the essential fasteners. Cobra also offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Product Features
360-degree radar/laser detection and protection
6 visual and 10 aural alerts
Voice alert provides band annunciation
Sales restricted to the United States and shipment is prohibited to addresses in Virginia and Washington DC
Noncompliant with the FCC October 28th 2002 Ruling

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