Cobra ESD 9210CS Vehicle Radar Detector review

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Cobra’s ESD 9210CS radar and laser detector provides exclusive Cobra functions like Strobe Alert and SmartMute alongside 360-degree LaserEye detection and conveniences like a digital signal strength meter (which shows your relative proximity on the target) and Cobra’s Safety Alert traffic-warning system. New for this model is Cobra’s Voice Alert system, that offers voice messages describing the type of laser or radar signal detected or confirming setting changes.
The ESD 9210CS detects all radar (X, K, super-wideband Ka), laser, and safety radar systems. In addition, it provides switchable highway and city modes to avoid false alarms in congested urban areas. Its UltraBright data display makes intelligibility a cinch (through its use of band identification letters), while the unit’s Stay Set memory retains all critical settings in non-volatile memory so are going to there even after a power outage.

LaserEye provides 360-degree, 10-band detection of laser signals. Its four signals include the LTI 20-20 Laser, the Ultra Lyte Laser, the ProLaser, and also the ProLaser III.

Strobe Alert works with tens of thousands of emergency vehicles currently built with traffic light controlling strobe emitters to provides advanced alert from the presence and/or approach of the vehicles. Safety Alert, meanwhile, warns you of emergency vehicles and road hazards from systems built with Safety Alert transmitters.

VG-2 Alert lets you already know when you are under VG-2 radar surveillance, working alongside VG-2 Undetectable Data Display to supply complete immunity to VG-2 detection. SmartMute is a relative-speed-sensing auto-mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts, conveniently muting the alert tone.

The city/highway switch lets you manually select an operating mode, lowering the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas, so you can dim the detector display to boost night driving visibility. The detector comes with a one-year limited warranty.

What’s in the Box
Radar/laser detector, mounting bracket, hook-and-loop fasteners, suction cups, as well as a user’s manual.
Safety is always important, especially for the highway. And this Cobra radar detector makes it possible to along your journey. It features all 9 bands of radar detection, which represents the greatest in detection technology. ItM-^Rs designed to get the maximum awareness of the driving environment by reduction of your chance of accidents and traffic violations. Plus while using Safety Alert« transmitter, youM-^Rll always learn about approaching road hazards. Not Available in VA.

Product Features
10-band extra-sensory detection radar/laser detector with LaserEye feature for 360 degree signal detection
Exclusive Strobe Alert function alerts drive to the presence of emergency vehicles; SmartMute virtually eliminates false alerts
Voice Alert system offers audible alerts so you can keep your eyes on the road
VG-2 Alert allows drive to be aware of VG-2 radar detection surveillance
UltraBright data display makes viewing easy; also offers Stay-set memory, digital signal strength meter

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