Cobra XRS 9400 11-Band Radar/Laser Detector price

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Equipped with 11 bands for monitoring radar and laser detection, the Cobra XRS 9400 will be the ideal solution for anybody who spends high of his or her time on the highway. The device scans the X, K, and Ka Superwide radar bands–the three standard bands employed by most radar guns–while also keeping a close look out for VG2 and Spectre 1 appliances, which officers use to discover drivers with radar detectors. Thanks to this latter technology, the XRS 9400 is virtually invisible for the road. The device also offers a 360-degree LaserEye function, which detects LTI 20-20, Ultra Lyte, ProLaser, and ProLaser III signals originating from any direction. And to top it off, the XRS 9400 includes both Safety Alert, which scans for emergency vehicles and road hazards so drivers can avoid traffic snarls, and Strobe Alert, which searches for ambulances and fire trucks using traffic-light-controlling strobes. the Safety and Strobe Alert functions let drivers avoid accident scenes and also other perilous situations, so the only traffic they face is during rush hour.
Many radar detectors sound false alarms when you are traveling through dense urban areas, that is why the XRS 9400 also includes both city and highway modes. The city mode is less understanding of outside interference, reducing the likelihood of your false reading. Additional features include an easy-to-read LED display with simple band identification; IntelliMute relative speed sensing; VoiceAlert, which offers the user with specific band voice annunciation; an electronic digital signal strength meter that measures the proximity of a radar or laser gun; instant-on detection for radar guns with “pulse” signals; plus a “system ready” prompt that notifies the user if the radar detector has completed its self-test. The XRS 9400, which comes which has a windshield mounting bracket and power cord, is protected by the one-year warranty against defects.

What’s inside Box
XRS 9300 radar detector, windshield mounting bracket, power cord, user’s manual.
11-band Detector Features Intellimute. Lasereye 360¼ Detection. Vg-2 Alert & Vg-2 Undetectable. Spectre Alert & Spectre Undetectable. City/highway Mode. Digital Strength Meter. Auto Mute & Dim Mode. Stay Set Electronic Memory. Detects 5 Radar Signals: Xband, Kband, Ka Superwide, Vg-2 Radar Detector-detector, Spectre 1 Radar Detector-detector. Detects 4 Laser Signals: Lti 20-20 Laser, Ultra Lyte Laser, Prolaser, Prolaser Iii. 2 Safety Systems: Safety Alert & Strobe Alert. Ultrabright Data Display & Voice Alert.

Product Features
11-band radar/laser detector for city or highway use
Monitors X, K, and Ka Superwide radar bands; 360-degree laser detection
Protects driver from VG2 and Spectre 1 scanning technologies
Safety Alert and Strobe Alert functions alert drivers when emergency vehicles are nearby
Includes mounting bracket and power cord; 1-year warranty

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