Early Warning EW-3100 Radar/Laser Detector review

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25 REAL VOICE ALERTS IN ENGLISH OR SPANISH! * The First Warning EW3100 radar detector helps you must do just that, alerting one to hazards and emergency vehicles whilst serving as being a reminder that people could be driving at dangerous speeds. * The EW3100 detects all radar bands X, K, Ka, Ka-Pop and Superwide Ka bands. * Also included is 360° Laser Detection which detects laser from the front, rear and sides (including Pulsed, UltraLyte, LTI-2020, and Prolaser). * The EW-3100 has a high definition icon display, so it can be done to see the display, even inside the sun! * Real voice alert technology alerts you when you turn the detector on, and it alerts you with 25 different vocal indicators, including radar and laser detection. * The alerts appear in either English or Spanish. * The safety warning system detection alerts you for the presence of road hazards, emergency vehicles, railroad crossings and more. * Its numeric signal strength display shows you signal intensity from ’0′ to ’9′. * The auto mute mode automatically reduces sounds by half if the signal is detected, as well as the city/highway mode lets you minimize alerts in areas that have false radar signals. * This unit provides instant on or pulse radar protection that notifies you of sudden higher level radar and laser signals. * A tutorial mode demonstrates all of the functions on this radar/laser detector. * Early Warning EW3100 is really a ‘state-of-the-art’ detector and is also clearly probably the most sensible choice in safety/radar/laser detection available today! * Features Include: o VG-2/Spectre undetectable o 10.525 GHz/+/-25 Mhz (X-band), 24.150 Ghz/+/-100 Mhz (K-band), 33.800 Ghz (Ka-POP) and 34.700 Ghz/+/-1.300 Mhz (Ka super wideband) operating frequencies o Includes: DC car cigarette lighter power cord, velcro (hook & loop fastener), a window mounting kit and owners manual. o Dimensions: 4-1/4′L x 2-3/4′W x 1-1/4′H Model No: EW3100 Weight: 2.0 Lbs. Shipping Dimensions: 10x7x4

Product Features
Detects all current radar and laser guns
# 60 degree laser detection
Digital signal processing and anti-falsing circuitry
4 mute and 3 step dim selection
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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