Escort Inc Passport 7500 Radar/Laser/Safety Detector price

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The Escort Passport 7500 radar/laser/safety detector provides long-range warning for all radar signals including X, K, and superwide Ka, at the identical time as Safety Warning System (SWS) alerts. New advanced four-bit analog-to-digital converter circuitry provides higher-resolution digital signal processing for longer warning distances without increased false alarms. Instead of the single laser sensor, the Passport 7500 has five. Mute and auto-mute features eliminate long-range nuisance signals. You can instantly customize this detector with your preferred settings for 10 features, including power-on, meter type, auto mute, audio tones, brightness, dark mode, and safety radar. The ultrabright matrix display uses 280 LEDs as well as displays over 60 specific safety texts to warn of hazards in places that safety radar is within use.
The Passport 7500 comes using a manual, a quick-release adjustable windshield mount with extra suction cups, along with a power cord with lighter adapter. The maker provides a limited one-year warranty.

Product Features
5-sensor long-range laser-detection circuitry
4-bit analog-to-digital converter for improved radar-detection range
Easy programming lets you set 10 features
Sales restricted to the United States and shipment is prohibited to addresses in Virginia and Washington DC
FCC Identification Number QKL7500

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