Fujifilm X-Pro 1 16MP Digital Camera with APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor (Body Only) price

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The Fujifilm X-Pro1 includes a 16-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor, a brand-new X lens mount, Hybrid Multi Viewfinder and three prime lenses (sold separately).

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Highlights

Setting new standards in image resolution
FUJIFILM allow us a fresh CMOS sensor known as the X-Trans CMOS. The X-Trans CMOS sensor is able to delivering resolution that’s parallel, otherwise superior, to some full frame sensor. The new color filter array paves the means by which for an ideal sensor that does not need an optical low-pass filter. Even though the optical low-pass filter is indispensable to the reduction of moiré and false color generated by conventional sensors, it also degrades resolution. FUJIFILM has evolved a brand new color filter array which is inspired through the random arrangement of fine film grain, removing the need to have an optical low-pass filter to solve moiré and false color issues. In the array, RGB pixels are arranged in 6×6 pixel sets with good aperiodicity (randomness). Increasing the a higher level randomness eliminates the fundamental cause of moiré and false colors – an issue that occurs in conventional arrays when shooting stripes as well as other repeating patterns. The presence associated with an R, G and B pixel in every single vertical and horizontal pixel series minimizes the generation of false colors and delivers higher color reproduction. As a consequence of utilizing a film-inspired array, a far more powerful EXR Processor Pro is necessary to process the image signal data. This development will maximize the complete potential with the X-Trans CMOS sensor and deliver broadband and precision image processing.

Prime FUJINON XF lenses deliver the greatest image quality
Fujinon lenses have long been associated with delivering good quality images, with optics used for broadcast TV and medium format cameras. Now the expertise borne away from this enviable optical heritage continues to be put in lenses for the FUJIFILM X-Pro1. Three compact XF Fujinon fast aperture prime lenses will probably be sold separately. The “XF18mmF2 R”, “XF 35mmF1.4 R” and “XF60mmF2.4 R Macro” all offer precise treatments for depth-of-field and deliver excellent out-of-focus bokeh thanks on the design of the molded aperture diaphragm blades. The blades are curved to create a circular image at all aperture settings, while the very edges of each one blade are meticulously rounded off rather than simply cut off, which delivers a sharper image. In addition, the solid feel with the high-quality metal barrel and detailed exposure setting in 1/3 step increments using the aperture ring fuel your desire to capture more photos with every shot.

FUJIFILM original “X-Mount” maximizes lens performance
Specifically made to maximize the mirrorless design from the body the X-Mount has a short flange back distance of just 17.7mm. This implies a corner lens elements are as close as you possibly can on the sensor. The wide opening allows the lens to get mounted deeper inside body – up to 7.5mm (approx) from your mount surface – reducing the back focus distance of every lens towards the minimum possible, thus achieving high resolution all the way on the edge from the image.

Hybrid Multi Viewfinder
FUJIFILM’s revolutionary Hybrid Viewfinder first appeared within the X100. With its capability to instantly switch between an Optical Viewfinder and Electronic Viewfinder the Hybrid Viewfinder has added a fresh dimension towards the pleasure of composing photographs. For the brightest viewing image, and to keep shutter lag with a minimum, users should choose the Optical Viewfinder. Those wanting focus confirmation, exposure information, white balance information and depth of field indicators should switch to Electronic Viewfinder. The Electronic Viewfinder provides a fantastic “Live View” of your composition. This fusion of technologies allows users to savor composing their images by having a bright viewfinder, but has got the choice to overlay vital picture taking information should this be required. Changing between both viewfinders is simple, thanks on the turn on the leading from the X-Pro1 body. When attaching a FUJINON XF-series lens on X-Pro1, both viewfinder magnification and bright frame size automatically switch to offer the lens focal length. Viewfinder magnification switches to 0.37x for your 18mm lens, also to 0.60x when the 35mm or 60mm lens is mounted, permitting you to compose your shot with the bright, crystal clarity of the optical image. The X-Pro1 also gives you the freedom to manually set a focal distance and switch between viewfinder magnifications.

Cutting edge technology in the beautiful camera body

The top and base are made from die-cast aluminum alloy which, combined with high quality touches like precise engraving on the top-plate and hand-enamelled lettering for the lenses, underlines the fact how the entire X-Pro1 method is built without compromise.
This eye for detail extends on the shutter speed dial and exposure compensation control that is precision milled from solid metal. Details just like the shutter speed dial lock mechanism along with the recessed exposure compensation dial are built to prevent accidental movement of settings. The knurled finish about the sides in the dials feature rows of minutely milled squared pyramids for superb grip and confidence.
“Made in Japan” confirms that each part of the construction has were required to meet FUJIFILM’s highest standards.
The lightweight, precision-milled lens hood (included while using lens) continues to be exclusively designed and machined from aluminum for that FUJINON XF lens. It’s compact size delivers superb light shading performance in a very design that perfectly matches X-Pro1 styling.
Diameters with the aperture ring and concentrate ring with the 3 Fujinon XF-series interchangeable lenses are only slightly larger as opposed to barrel for sleek uniformity of design. Precision machined from metal, the reassuring click in the aperture ring at each setting as well as the comfortable torque resistance when operating the focus ring enhances the shooting experience.
The X-Pro1′s leather-like finish designed for any quality look and durability. The synthetic leather offers resistance on the elements and durability, while an original manufacturing process produces a texture with the look and feel of authentic leather.
The X-Pro1 has been designed with all the photographer’s comfort in mind. The natural fit in the eyepiece provides excellent shielding from light leakage. A dioptric adjustment lens may also be attached.
Extending FUJIFILM’s photo film legacy
In film cameras, multiple exposures is the unique photographic technique of superimposing one image on another by double exposing a single frame of film. Through advanced digital processing the X-Pro1 can simulate this method – just select Multiple Exposure mode and take your first shot. By viewing it inside the Hybrid Multi Viewfinder or about the LCD screen, you are able to observe the finished multiple exposure can look and precisely frame the second shot.
Further enhancements are actually made towards the Film Simulation modes with the new Professional Color Negative Film Modes (Pro Neg. Std and Pro Neg. Hi) made for X-Pro1 users working in the studio. If you want to shoot exactly the same scene in a very number of Film Simulation modes, the X-Pro1 offers Film Simulation bracketing, as well as AE, Dynamic and ISO bracketing.
FUJIFILM has also included Film Simulation modes, the location where the X-Pro1 simulates the shades and tonal qualities of popular FUJIFILM emulsions. These range from the vibrant colors of Velvia, the softer skin tones of ASTIA along with the natural look of PROVIA.
Enhance Monochrome Expression with Color Filters – Replicating the effects of monochrome film photography the X-Pro1 lets you have color filters to expand your photographic interpretation. Heighten contrast with all the yellow filter and red filter or brighten greens and deepen reds with all the green filter. Just as professional film photographers once selected a filter and printing paper to enhance their creative vision, you can easily fine tune image quality with these filters. For those after an even more nostalgic theme there is a sepia filter too.

Fujifilm X-Pro1

16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor
3″ LCD + Focal Length Changeable Hybrid OVF
Fujifilm X-Mount
2nd Generation Hybrid Viewfinder
Focal Plane Shutter

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