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Portability meets capability in Garmin’s pocket-sized Quest portable automotive global-positioning system. The easy-to-use device is loaded with all the high-end navigation features from Garmin’s most favored GPS navigators. Use it in multiple vehicles or simply slip it within your pocket for handy street-level directions when you are navigating on foot.

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The Garmin Quest Navigator is a pocket-sized device full of GPS navigational features. View larger.
Smaller than the usual standard television remote, the Quest provides ample screen viewing area but won’t demand a great deal of room for the dashboard or in the briefcase. The device sports a bright, 256-color, high-resolution TFT display that is all to easy to read even in bright sunlight. The device is simple to use; just make certain your antenna is unobstructed and you will be prepared to navigate. Whether you’re by walking or in your car, position the antenna being parallel with all the surface from the road so it could contain the best view of the sky. This flip-up antenna design allows you to definitely maximize your reception.

Once the Quest has established a satellite fix, it’s going to display the Ready to Navigate message. It is achievable to either set a destination or use the handy Find Menu to select a destination, such as being a restaurant, gas station, or other nearby attractions. With your destination selected, you’ll love Quest’s automatic routing with turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance to have you where you’re going. And the built-in high-speed processor means fast, automatic off-route and detour recalculations, so you will be sure to obtain where you’re going regardless of whether you create a wrong turn or meet unexpected road construction.

A USB data connection ensures fast map downloads from Garmin’s entire type of MapSource CDs. The unit ships with fully unlocked MapSource City Select CD, providing full coverage in the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, including over five million points of interest like gas stations, ATMs, hotels, restaurants, and attractions. With 115 MB of internal memory, this small-but-powerful GPS navigator has lots of built-in map storage, along with the unit’s internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides as much as 20 hours of usage between charges. The unique antenna folds flush using the unit when not in use, and you also can connect an optional external antenna as well.

For weekend warriors with all the unit on the camping or fishing trip, the Quest is waterproof and fully compatible while using entire line of MapSource outdoor cartography, including U.S. Topo, 24K Topo, Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots, and BlueChart.
What’s in the Box
Quest with flip-up GPS antenna, Americas Autoroute basemap, MapSource City Select The united states CD with full coverage and full unlock, PC/USB cable, A/C power adapter, external speaker with 12-volt adapter cable, vehicle suction cup mount, quick reference guide, and owner’s manual.
Portability meets capability inside the pocket-sized Garmin Quest™. This easy-to-use unit is loaded while using high-end navigation features from our most favored GPS navigators, as well as of all, it’s portable. So, it is achievable to utilize it in multiple vehicles — or slip it with your pocket for handy street-level directions when you’re navigating on foot.

Pocket-sized 12-parallel-channel GPS+WAAS receiver with automatic routing and turn-by-turn directions
115 MB internal memory for loading MapSource detail; includes built-in Americas autoroute base map
Trick tracking computer includes odometer, stopped time, max speed, average, and more
Sunlight-readable, 256-color, 2.2-by-1.5-inch TFT display; USB interface for quick data transfer
Runs for 20 hours on rechargeable lithium-ion battery; 4.5 x 2.2 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

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