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Developed to the consumer and proven by professionals, GoPro’s all-new HD HERO cameras are the world’s most advanced type of on-board, full HD 1080p cameras designed to become used during sports.  With amazing clarity, stability, and slow-motion capabilities, these cameras record your sport’s most exciting moments in professional quality HD video and automatically-captured 5 megapixel still photos.  HD HERO products can shoot video or photos from the point-of-view, mounted on your own helmet, body, car, motorcycle, surfboard, or any other equipment. And GoPro’s 170° wide-angle lens (the industry’s widest) even lets you take shots of yourself during your activity.  All captured hands-free, when you stay focused on the activity.

Originally designed for your consumer market, GoPro’s wearable cameras have garnered praise from professional athletes at the identical time as film and TV producers who demand convenience and performance using their filming equipment. The HD HERO line produces high quality HD video than action sports cameras costing significantly as much, so when a result many video segments the thing is that in action sports film and TV today are shot on GoPro cameras. Because #1 maker of wearable sports cameras inside the world, GoPro has numerous years of experience of developing cameras and mounting accessories for that most hardcore of sports. As a result, GoPro has won many coveted awards, including Motorcyclist magazine’s prestigious “2009 Product from the Year” award and the “Editors’ Choice Award” from both Popular Mechanics and Backpacker Magazine.

In the end, GoPro’s HD Naked HERO adds so much to your enjoyment of your respective favorite activities that arriving the location to find watch your footage is practically just as much fun since the activity itself. Here are some of the highlights:

Professional 1080p HD Video that Looks Great Even on a 52″ TV
Truly professional quality video that delivers the clarity and excitement the truth is in the media or perhaps films.  HD quality so good, GoPro’s cameras are employed regularly by both professional athletes and film and TV production companies throughout the world. See the quality for yourself over these sample videos: click here.

Easy to Use
Turn the digital camera on and press the shutter button. Shooting your own HD action sports video is that simple thanks on the HD Naked HERO’s user-friendly default settings.  Upgraded controls for example brighter LED icons and louder status beeps make camera easier-to-use than ever.

Widest Range of Video & Photo Capabilities
For the greater technically-inclined user looking for that latest in technology and options, the HD Naked HERO offers a remarkable range of video and photo modes, providing you with more creative control:
1080p – “True HD” video at 30 frames per second produces maximum clarity and realism. To input it in perspective, 1080p video at 30 frames per second could be the equivalent of shooting thirty 2-megapixel photos per second. Incredible realism you’re accustomed to seeing only within the movies. The viewing area becomes a rather less-wide (127º) at this resolution, wide angle view, making 1080p a somewhat less wide-angle view than another resolutions. Perfect for in-car filming, for example, in which you might want to focus more on objects inside the distance than up close. It’s like having two lenses in one camera.
960p – “Maximum Wide Angle” video at 30 frames per second.  Certain sports like motocross, mountain biking, and skiing require maximum viewing area to capture your speed and technique.  This 960p mode offers 25% more vertical viewing area in the top and bottom from the screen than other resolutions, so you can easily see more of your bike and handlebars beneath you, your knees and skis whilst you hammer the moguls, or even a more with the trail and horizon ahead. Document a greater portion of you together with your surroundings with 960p for the most immersive video possible.
720p – “Slow-motion Cinema” is achievable thanks to the HD Naked HERO’s incredibly smooth 60 frames per second 720p video.  720p (1280 x 720p) can record in a selection of standard 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. While 30 frames per second pleases the eye, 60 frames per second straight blows the mind when played in liquid smooth slow motion. Everything looks good in slow motion…including you.
Rich, Realistic Color with Fast Automatic Exposure Adjustment
The HD Naked HERO combines the industry’s leading DSP technology (digital signal processor) with cutting edge sensor technology to provide you with the richest, most natural color available in a very wearable sports camera. This powerful combination also results inside fastest automatic exposure adjustment of any wearable camera. What this means is you can move backwards and forwards quickly between bright and dark settings (like sunshine and shadows on the trail) whilst still being achieve smooth exposure adjustments giving your videos a specialist look.

Professional Sound that Automatically Adjusts in your Environment
The best quality of sound associated with a wearable camera, period. Professional quality sound with AGC (automatic gain control) tuned to use it sports and motorsports. With the opportunity to lessen the sound of wind noise at high speeds, the HD HERO distinctive line of cameras are merely the best sounding wearable sports cameras available. Fully automatic without any manual settings or adjustments needed, the camera will adjust the sound level automatically to keep up and optimum sound recording.

Also includes an optional non-waterproof back door that may be used in activities where waterproofness just isn’t needed. This feature allows more sound to the protective housing, leading to fuller, more immersive soundtracks. That said, the AGC (automatic gain control) does a great job of automatically enhancing the microphone’s sensitivity to offer impressive sound even if the camera is sealed in the waterproof housing while using waterproof back door.

Trademark Video Stability, only from GoPro
GoPro is famous for producing cameras that record extremely stable video. Video which is smooth even at highest speeds and during probably the most intense sports.  The HD Naked HERO takes GoPro’s obsession with stable video to the next level, keeping the experience amazingly stable without wobble or “jello-cam” shakiness that plagues other wearable HD cameras. See yourself in these sample videos: click here.

Shoot 5 megapixel Photos Automatically, a Feature Available only from GoPro
GoPro’s HD HERO merchandise is the only wearable sports cameras to supply automatic photo-taking modes, making hands-free photo capture a reality. You’ll be amazed in the in-action photos you’ll capture thanks to an capability to shoots a photo every 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds, automatically. Other photo modes include traditional single shot, triple shot and self-timer modes, making the HD Naked HERO the one camera you must document not only the most active moments of your respective life, but in addition the harder relaxed moments where a traditional photo is that which you want.  You’ll also appreciate the edge to edge sharpness of the 170º wide angle lens too because the HD Naked HERO’s terrific low light performance (1.4 lux).

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery lasts 2.5 Hours, Heater Included
The included 1100mAh Lithium-Ion battery lasts 2.5 hours and is rechargeable through any USB port.  You are able to charge it with your computer or with any USB compatible wall or car charger. It can be done to even utilize the camera while the battery is charging, convenient for filming road trips in places you might leave your camera running for long periods of time. An additional battery may be added on the back with the camera, doubling the battery to 5 hours (see Battery Bakpac under Optional Accessories, below). AC/DC wall outlet and car cigarette lighter-based chargers will also be offered by GoPro.
For colder temperatures, a built-in battery heater helps maintain the battery warm during winter sports, extending recording times beyond what’s possible along with other camera systems.

Largest Storage Capacity of Any Wearable Camera:  32GB Capacity for 9+ Hours
Using up with a 32 GB SD card (not included) permits 9+ hours of HD video or a large number of still photos when with all the automatic photo mode. Also works together with smaller 2, 4, 8, and 16GB SD cards. Write speed does not modify the performance in the camera, though GoPro does recommend only using well known, name-brand SD cards for optimum reliability.

Industry’s Widest Angle Lens (170º) Now Shoots 127º Wide Angle, Too
A sharp wide angle lens is crucial to capturing the raw excitement of action sports – not only to capture the scenery flying by, but additionally to have your ski tips, handlebars, and also the horizon inside frame to give which you a feeling of speed and adrenaline.  GoPro’s cameras are famous for his or her wide angle lenses, the widest, sharpest, and highest performance lenses available in almost any wearable sports camera.  Plus, when attached to equipment, the 170º lens is wide enough to capture yourself in the scene, to actually record your exploits.  But this really is no “fisheye”…you’ll see remarkably little distortion, regardless of the wide angle.

Unique to the HD HERO distinctive line of cameras may be the capability to shoot in 170º and 127º wide angle modes. The 960p and 720p video modes make use of the full170º wide angle, while an inferior wide angle look at 127º is achievable within the 1080p video resolution. This gives you more creative control and the chance to capture the action with different “lenses”…making to get a more professional looking video. In reality, the lens is a similar but the processing power of the HD HERO camera makes this convenient feature a reality.

Professional image quality, edge to edge sharpness, along with the industry’s best distance focus creates exceptionally clear HD videos and photos.

Shockproof / Waterproof (180′ / 60m) Housing Protects Camera from your Environment
Polycarbonate shockproof, waterproof housing protects the digital camera from rocks, rain, snow, and also on dives down as deep as 180′ (60m).   Proven in the giant surf throughout the world from Hawaii to Tahiti, Mexico to Northern California, it is achievable to make sure the housing will protect your HD HERO camera in even essentially the most powerful surf.

Optional Accessories Available in Early 2010, Compatible with all of HD HERO Cameras
A HERO BUS  expansion port about the back from the camera allows you to click in expansion “Bakpac” modules permitting add-on features, including:
LCD Bakpac, a click-on LCD screen attaches for the back with the camera, permitting instant preview / review of your respective footage while you capture it.
Battery Bakpac, a click-in secondary battery permits 2.5 hours more recording time, to get a total of 5 hours recording time between charging batteries. Can also be used as being a wall charger for additional HD HERO Lithium-Ion batteries.
Major Upgrades from Earlier Models
The HD HERO line’s many upgrades from the earlier standard-definition WIDE HERO include:
Three HD video resolution modes:  1080p, 960p, and 720p.
WVGA wide screen standard definition video at 60 frames per second
Shoots as much as 60 frames/second for slow motion playback in WVGA and 720p resolutions
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with 2.5 hours of record time
Camera may be powered by car or wall charger, battery will charge while recording
Support for around 32GB SD cards, 9+ hours of HD video recording
Professional audio system with for great sound in high wind environments.
Improved low light performance for both video and photo modes
Dual wide angle views now available: 127º in 1080p, 170º in 960p and 720p.
Brighter status LED and louder status beep for easier controlling of camera
HERO BUS  expansion port for adding LCD screen, extra battery, etc.
Waterproof depth rating is increased from 100′ / 30m  to 180′ / 60
Warranty: One Year

Record you and your pals living up with GoPro HD Naked Hero cameras. These competitively priced little gems provide the basics to shoot three professional quality HD resolutions too as 5 megapixel photos, hands free! GoPro HD Naked Hero cameras include one mount for head gear or curved surface plus a quick-release HD housing that’s waterproof and shockproof. Compatible with other Hero accessories, you can expand the functionality to match the following road trip, white water or sky diving adventure. Go for this while using go anywhere HD Naked Hero cameras from GoPro.

1080p, 960p, and 720p in 30 and 60 fps (720p)
5 megapixel photos automatically at 2/5/10/30/and 60 second intervals until the batteries die or the SD card is full (2.5 hours)
He rechargeable 1100mAh lithium-ion battery (included) lasts for 2.5 hours of constant recording.
Waterproof to 180′/60m
H.264, .mp4, USB

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