Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security–Hidden Add-On Camera review

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Discreetly monitor your house or business

The Logitech Spy Add-On Security Camera enhances the ability and reach of your Video Security Master System so it can be done to discreetly monitor your property and business.

Your spy camera is often a completely functional digital clock.

Fits together with home or office decor
Easy to make use of command center software
Email and cellular phone alerts
Motion-based recording
No network required
Remote viewing by PC and phone or PDA
Easy create gets you installed and operating fast

Instant viewing
After setting up your Master System (sold separately) and installing the Logitech Command Center PC software, simply plug inside your Add-On Camera. It’s able to go.
No-hassle setup:
No new wires to run. No network configuration.
Easy to use

Expandable system.
Monitor video for around six cameras simultaneously.

Watch live footage or store it for later replay.
In Live view, you are able to watch top door, driveway, kitchen, backyard, and office all at once. In playback view you can access and play video clips from the video archive.

Video timeline.
Pick any day from a calendar to notice a timeline of movement events for your day. The playback controls allow one to play, pause, step of progress & back, and adjust playback speed between super slow and very fast. Playback shows video from all of cameras in parallel.

Intuitive Windows interface.
Easily navigate as well as set your preferences.

Automatic video storage.
Intelligent camera detects motion, recording video directly for a PC’s hard drive for straightforward playback and archiving.

Powerful search and playback tools.
Review stored video footage from prior hours, days, or weeks.

Alerts and remote access allow you to maintain two places with the same time

Motion-activated cell-phone and e-mail alerts.
When a camera detects motion, it is achievable to receive email or mobile phone alerts. Three alert types may be sent: A video clip, text the other frame of video or text-only.

Free remote viewing via the Internet.
View live video from the WiLife account-anywhere, anytime.

Windows Mobile cell phone accessible.
Check on your home or business even if you are for the go. Just log to WiLife Online and also you can access live video out of your camera anywhere inside world at any time.

Accessing Remote Viewing from a web browser needs a PC and browser running the Windows Media Player 9 or later.

What’s inside Box
Logitech Spy Camera, power cord
Protect your entire property with multiple cameras
Expandable for optimum coverage.
Add around five additional Logitech Indoor, Outdoor, or Spy Add-On Cameras in almost any combination to any Logitech Master System.
Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Spy Video Master System

To get complete home surveillance coverage we suggest placing cameras inside the following locations…
Entertainment Room
Children’s Play Area
Living Room
Product Description
WiLife Digital Video Security Camera Hidden Add-On Camera

WiLife Digital Video Security Camera Hidden Add-On Camera

Logitech WiLife Digital Security Systems are not compatible with the new Logitech Alert Digital Security Systems
400MHz DSP Processing Power
Windows Media Video 9 Image Encoding
Motion detection in up to 16 zones, Auto brightness Image Processing

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