Magellan RoadMate 760 3.8-Inch Portable GPS Navigator price

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read more Details Review Magellan had a hit while using RoadMate 700, sufficient reason for good reason: finally, thanks towards the 700′s big internal hard drive, travelers could simply turn on the vehicle GPS unit and go, with no hassle of loading base-maps. Plus, the 700 offered great features like turn-by-turn guidance with voice prompts and 3D rendering of upcoming turns. Plus, the unit had intuitive controls that offered fast rerouting whenever you missed a turn or decided to take a detour.
With the successor model, the RoadMate 760, Magellan has kept everything the same, while adding a few features that make this model a compelling upgrade or a great first-time unit for people who are merely joining the vehicle GPS craze.

Enter the destination address, select route method and the RoadMate 760 will calculate the best route for you.
The overall design with the 760 differs hardly any from your 700, and that’s a good thing. The 2.25-by-3.0-inch screen is exceptionally bright and crisp, and it’s really even got a brain. A smaller light sensor on the front from the unit allows the 760 to automatically adjust brightness and contrast based on ambient light levels. It’s a good touch that helps you maintain your eyes on the road as opposed to focused on fiddling with screen settings in your journey.

Click to master more concerning the RoadMate 760′s layout.
The unit’s controls are logically laid out, except, perhaps, for that volume and repeat controls. The volume dial is surely an awkward little thing that’s placed inconveniently at the top from the unit. Fortunately, this really is mostly rectified from the 760′s automatic volume system, which turns up the sound when your automobile cruises above 45 mph. Meanwhile, the repeat button, which resides next towards the volume dial and repeats the last voice command when pressed, is quite small and an easy task to miss, especially when you are driving. It will be nice if this important control were more prominent.

A slot on the side of the 760 is provided to get a memory card; Magellan says future expansion cards is likely to be made available. A flip-up antenna is found for the back in the unit, however, if you desire maximum reception in every conditions, or if your windshield has a thermal coating, you’ll want to spring for a wired external antenna.

Simplicity is the name of the game while using 760, plus preserving that, the unit’s integration having a PC is minimal. The 760 does ship using a reasonably easy-to-use points of interest manager PC application. The software lets you add POI’s towards the unit’s existing database then upload them towards the 760 via USB. With the 760, though, the days of planning routes on your own computer and then uploading the required maps for your GPS’s paltry memory are gone. We think this is really a good thing, but we do wish the 760 shipped having an application that allowed users to upload contacts from their Outlook or PC-based address book to the unit’s address book. Granted, the 760 does provide an IR port for beaming contacts from the PDA or Smart Phone, but further integration which has a PC within this one region will be nice.

Magellan bills the 760 as being a complete solution out from the box, which couldn’t be more true. The primary unit easily attaches for an included cradle that doubles as being a mounting plate to the vehicle suction cup mount as well as an input for power and USB connectivity. The suction cup mount is simple to install, and within minutes, we had the unit powered up and ready to go.

Out for the road, the 760 performed flawlessly. After entering a property address and quickly obtaining a satellite lock on our position, we zoomed in on the neighborhood and tapped a couple of points of interest about the touch-screen, together with a restaurant, an ATM, along with a gas station. A friendly voice guided the way, announcing upcoming turns as well as pronouncing street names. Meanwhile, a 3D representation of upcoming turns made it clear what maneuvers were next. We especially liked the split-screen view, that provides a traditional map view in addition to the 3D display. Keep in mind, though, how the points of curiosity database preloaded for the 760 does not contain everything–we found that it offered only a smattering coming from all the restaurants and businesses inside our area.

Entering physical addresses for the 760 would be a snap, thanks towards the unit’s QuickSpell technology, which anticipates what you get lucky and be attempting to enter with surprising accuracy. An execllent touch may be the 760′s ability to adapt to changes in your plans. Rerouting can be as simple as hitting a few buttons on the touch-screen. The unit may also detect low speeds around the freeway and try and plot a detour around traffic. Very cool.

Although the 760′s touch-screen interface is a bit rough throughout the edges, overall, we think it is straightforward and simple. Our only notable gripe was it was impossible to edit an address once it was entered. Instead, the entire entry had being deleted first.

Final Thoughts
While the RoadMate 760 is expensive, it packs a large amount of utility and power in to a single device. The integrated hard drive, coupled with stunningly intelligent and adaptable routing functionality, make mtss is a must-have for people who have to have the very best in vehicle navigation.

Excellent turn-by-turn navigation and rerouting capabilities
Just transform it on and go. Each of the maps and points of curiosity are preloaded
Solid and fast satellite reception
Minor user interface and controls problems
No integration having a PC address book
What’s within the Box
RoadMate 760, cradle, cigarette lighter adapter, AC adapter, suction-cup mounting arm, software CDs, documentation.

All the options with the popular Roadmate 700 plus 1) Smart Detour, Automatically prompts your customer to route around stopped freeway traffic based on their own defined setting. 2) Route optimization Let’s your customer setup a multi-destination trip and automatically guide them on teh quickest route 3) Enhanced Magellan Directory Now almost 7 million points of interest. 4) Show destination on map, Now users can observe the destination for the the map just before routing to it

In-car GPS navigation system with user-friendly touch-screen interface
Turn-by-turn 3D directions with voice prompting in 11 languages
3.8-inch TFT color display automatically adjusts to lighting changes
Built-in 20 GB hard drive with preloaded North American maps
Room for 300 PDA address book uploads; 6.6 by 3.3 by 1.5 inches (W x H x D)

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