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Amazon.com Product Description The Mio DigiWalker C310x is often a stylish, pocket sized device which combines GPS based portable navigation using a fully featured MP3 audio player. Whether you’re heading across town or through the country, the Mio DigiWalker C310x could be the perfect travel companion. Wherever the street ahead takes you, the C310x causes it to be simple to get where you’re going.
The C310x can be a stylish and powerful handheld personal navigation and digital entertainment device. See more detail: Back – Memory Slot. You’ll find a way to also notice in action.
Large icons and a bright display transform it into a snap to use.
Built in audio player plays mp3s or audio books.
User friendly menus in 16 languages.
One of the most striking features with the C310x is its stylish design, which invites you to consider the device together with you irrespective of where you’re going. Completely self contained and ultra portable, the C310x slips easily into pocket or purse and truly adds a whole new dimension towards the concept of portable navigation. The unit can be easy to use; large, easy-to-read icons, a bright 3.5-inch display, plus a user-friendly touch screen ensure it is all to easy to set your destination.

The C310x weighs only six ounces and measures 4.33 x 2.76 x 0.79 inches (W x H x D). Under the hood, the machine includes a WAAS-enabled, SiRFstarIII GPS chipset for extreme accuracy, 1 GB of onboard ROM and 64 MB of RAM, also being an SD/MMC card slot for memory expansion. The unit connects for your PC via USB, and the included lithium-ion battery lasts around five hours.

The C310x comes filled with preloaded maps of the entire U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii included) to make sure you’re up and running right away. You will also get a massive database of preloaded points of great interest (POIs) so it is possible to easily locate restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more. The device guides you every step with the way with clear voice instructions and user-friendly menus in 16 languages, including English, French, and Spanish.

To make sure your road trips are complete, the C310x also includes a full-featured MP3 player. Great for playing your favorite albums or mp3 audiobooks while you are about the road (or for the plane before you get around the road) the C310x Music player boasts a quantity of customized EQ settings, a built in speaker plus a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. And to the ultimate in convenience, you can utilize the integrated SD memory slot to easily carry your music collection with you.
What’s inside the Box
C310x, USB cable, car charger, mapping DVD, device holder, mount
MIO Mio C310 DigiWalker Pocket-Sized Navigation System, 3.5″ TFT with touch screen and 65k colors Model: mio c310 The Mio DigiWalker C310 is often a stylish, handheld personal navigation and entertainment device. It is targeted with the mobile consumer who’d enjoy real time direction while driving and is unique because it combines high fashion, highly accurate GPS functionality, comprehensive reason for interest location as well as a feature-rich MP3 audio player all in the single device which fits easily into pocket or purse. High Sensitivity GPS Receiver SiRFstarIII GPS receiver for fast, accurate navigation in challenging environments such as: dense forests, deep canyons, and cities with tall buildings. Easy to Use Larger icons as well as a brighter display having a user-friendly touch screen ensure it is easier to set your destination. 1, 2, Go! Built-in Media Player While navigating, the integrated Mp3 music player plays music or audiobooks transferred from your computer for entertainment or education around the road. Pre-loaded Maps Maps of USA and Canada are preloaded and ready to work with out in the box, from Halifax to Huntington Beach. Voice Guidance and Choice of Languages Clear voice instructions and user-friendly menus in English, French and Spanish. GPS Receiver Channels 20 (SiRF star) Memory 2GB ROM, 64 MB RAM Display 3.5″ TFT with touch scren and 65k colors Storage Format SD/MMC memory expansion module TMC Support Supports external TMC Battery 1200 mAh Li-ion (up to 5 hours) USB V1.1 Weight 6 oz (170 grams) Dimensions (WxHxD) 4.33″x3.03″x0.78″ Minimun System Requirements Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP or later MIcrosoft Outlook 2000 or later Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later USB port DVD-ROM drive Open Box. Unit is Brand New.

Combines GPS based portable navigation with a fully featured MP3 audio player
Large, easy-to-read icons, a bright 3.5-inch display, and a user-friendly touch screen
Comes with preloaded maps of the entire U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii included)
Preloaded points of interest (POI) database lets you easily locate restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more
Weighs only 6 ounces and measures 4.33 x 2.76 x 0.79 inches (W x H x D)

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