Mio Knight Rider 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator review

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Manufacturer’s Review–August 3, 2008
Ride the highways and byways guided with the voice of K.I.T.T.–the most iconic TV car of most time with Mio’s Knight Rider portable GPS navigation unit. You’ll enjoy an authentic Knight Rider experience wherever you roam with red LED light accents and voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions provided through the original voice of K.I.T.T. (William Daniels) to help you you will get out of any jams (traffic or otherwise). Boasting fast and accurate GPS reception, top-notch mapping, plus a comprehensive POI (Points of Interest) database additionally to a 4.3-inch widescreen LCD and storage device expansion, all that’s missing is Michael Knight and the patent leather jacket.
The Knight Rider GPS includes a 4.3-inch LCD, pre-loaded maps from the U.S. and Canada, as well as over 4 million points of interest.
The K.I.T.T. indicator LED display moves in sync while using anamorphic equalizer for an authentic Knight Rider light show. For an authentic Knight Rider experience, Mio collaborated with Navtones to add exclusive voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions featuring new recordings created by William Daniels as the voice of K.I.T.T. The device’s integrated randomized greetings and custom names will welcome that you your navigation experience. It is possible to be Michael if you’re a purist, or choose in one of the list of 300 names. The Knight Rider GPS features an energetic LED voice synthesizer display that moves in sync with the voice, in the same way it did on K.I.T.T.’s dash, which give a clear representation of most audio commands because they occur. The unit can be designed to advise you of speed limit infractions just just in case you’re applying a lot of turbo boost.

The opening credits in the Knight Rider TV series. The highly sensitive SiRFInstantFixIII GPS receiver offers a rapid time-to-first-fix positioning, is WAAS enabled, and may acquire a signal even in urban canyons and under dense foliage. With pre-loaded maps with the U.S. and Canada, the Knight Rider GPS is prepared to be employed in minutes without having computer set-up required. Containing over 4-million POIs for example restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more, you might be never a much more than several keystrokes faraway from your destination. Simply select the course of the desired location, make your decision in the provided list, and you are ready to get anything you are looking for, giving that you simply local expert as being a traveling companion.

Intelligently designed, the 4.3-inch anti-glare touchscreen LCD allows for further on-screen information and extra details about upcoming intersections. This full-color display also provides a 480 x 272-pixel resolution for straightforward at-a-glance information. The included cradle doesn’t just hold your navigator, but will also charge it when you drive when connected towards the power cable.


Memory expansion via Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia (MMC) memory cards
USB 2.0 connectivity for transferring data and charging
Turn-by-turn voice guidance in 16 languages (including English, French, and Spanish)
Weight: 6.4 ounces
Dimensions: 5.12 x 3 x 0.7 inches
What’s within the Box
Mio Knight Rider GPS portable navigator, dashboard mount, DC in-vehicle power adapter, USB cable, quick start guide, printed user documentation

Tech Talk
WAAS: An acronym for Wide Area Augmentation System, WAAS augments the info provided by GPS satellites with a network of ground-based stations that compare both the teams of location data. A GPS that employs WAAS corrections can offer position accuracy of less then 3 meters, compared towards the 6 to 12 meters having a normal GPS signal.
Relive the ’80s while using Knight Rider GPS from Mio. With a design inspired by this timeless classic, you’ll feel that magic because you receive turn-by-turn driving directions by the original voice of K.I.T.T. To ensure the fantasy is complete, the Knight Rider GPS by Mio ships with over 300 male and female names pre-installed, so you will be addressed by name as you head out to rid the entire world of evil, or perhaps head down to the corner store for a gallon of milk. If that sounds good, check out your looks–the Knight Rider GPS also includes a multi-segment LED readout that flashes in sync for the voice.

Preloaded U.S. and Canadian Maps with no PC-Map data download have you up and running straight out of the box.
Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation, featuring the original voice of K.I.T.T. allows you to keep your eyes on the road and still get directions.
Knight Rider¿s voice syncs with lights, move every time a navigation greeting, or a navigation voice instruction is given.
Voice greeting: Ability for user to change name in greeting (KITT recorded voice files with 150+ male & 150+ female user-selectable names)
Easy and intuitive Point Of Interest search helps you locate over 4 million gas stations, restaurants, hotels and more – quickly and easily.

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