Navigon 2100 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator review

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read more Details Product Description — November 11, 2007 In the U.S., German-basedNavigon could possibly be the biggest name in GPS you have never heard. Navigon is definitely an important provider of navigation software to automotive manufacturers for in-dash gps navigation devices, but only recently did they introduce portable navigation devices under their unique name. The things they offer up, however, demonstrates immediately that can be a company that knows navigation inside and out.

The 2100 will be the lowest-priced (and smallest) of Navigon’s distinctive line of portable GPS navigators. While it lacks some with the options that come with it’s bigger siblings, the 7100 and 5100, it packs solid navigation and a few unique features  into its diminutive frame.

The Navigon Family of Portable Navigators
The 2100 and 5100 have 3.5-inch screens, while the 7100 has a 4.3-inch widescreen. The massive difference is how the 5100 and 7100 come with free lifetime traffic data,  while with the 2100 you’ve got to purchase an activation code separately. The 5100 and 7100 have a very feature called “Lane Assistant” which will suggest which lane you must be driving in, but that’s not such a huge deal. Another essential difference is that the 7100 also adds bluetooth-capability for hands-free cell phone integration, that is really handy. In case you want that feature, do check the 7100. This chart can help as well.
Screen Size (diagonally)
Lifetime Traffic Data Service
Lane Assistant
Reality View
Zagat Ratings
3.5 inches

Requires Purchase of Activation Code

1.3 million
3.5 inches

Included Free
7100 4.3 inches
Included Free

Intuitive, animated menus offer predictive text input, helping you select your destination quickly. View larger.
The reality view guides you with photo-realistic 3D images of junctions. View larger. Navigon decided never to make an effort to add multimedia features like a photo viewer or Mp3 music player into its devices, but alternatively dedicated to navigation-based features. The 2100 provides precise turn-by-turn directions, including spoken road names via text-to-speech

Reality view walks you with photo-realistic 3D images of junctions, detailed with actual sign text and exit ramp guidance. This makes translating what the navigator is hinting as to the the thing is around the road instantaneous.

Superior Software and Hardware
The features and processes from the Navigon 2100 are controlled via intuitive, easy-to-use animated menus that use predictive text input to easily and quickly select your city, state and address. Maps and menus appear on its extra-large and elegant, high-contrast 3.5-inch, full-color touch-screen display. The 5100 includes a powerful Samsung 400 MHz processor, a fully integrated SiRF Star III GPS chip, 64 MBs of both RAM and ROM built in, and a rechargeable 1,200 mAh lithium ion battery that is rated for 4.5 hours of continuous use. All that is housed in a ultra-thin, sleek chrome housing that weighs only 6.3 ounces, and measures just 4.2 x 3.3 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D). The Navigon 5200 even comes pre-loaded with complete maps of the U.S. and Canada, offering you with superbly accurate, seamless door-to-door directions wherever your vehicular travels might take you.

Note that this 2100 runs for the Microsoft Windows CD Net 5.0 operating system. A PC is required to utilize additional map data, as well as in such cases users require Windows 2000, ME, XP or higher, too being a CD ROM drive and a USB port. An SD/MMC card reader is recommended since the 7100 not only uses SD cards, but additionally comes which has a 2 GB SD card in the package.

What’s within the Box
Navigon 2100 GPS Navigator, SD card preloaded with software and maps with the continental US, rechargeable 1150 mAH lithium ion battery (rated for around 4.5 hours),
car charger, car mount, quickstart guide, limited warranty

About Navigon
NAVIGON may be a leader of GPS navigation since 1991, and has a long good reputation for industry innovations. NAVIGON created the world’s first dynamic personal GPS product in 1996, launched the industry’s first navigation software for your Pocket PC in 2000, and unveiled the first Traffic Message Channel-based (TMC) avoidance feature on mobile navigation product in 2002.

NAVIGON has helped revolutionize how consumers get from place to place with software products for practically any navigation-ready hardware. Personal navigation devices (PND), smartphones, and in-dash systems directed by NAVIGON’s award-winning MobileNavigator (MN) software delivers straight answers on numerous destinations in a intuitive, all to easy to use format. NAVIGON is really a valued partner towards the automotive industry, as well as in 2006 strengthened its category competency by acquiring NAVTEQ’s navigation software business.

NAVIGON can be a privately-held software company located in Hamburg, Germany, with NAVIGON USA headquarters in Chicago, IL.

The NAVIGON® 2100 is slim, stylish, an easy task to use, and contains features not one other GPS navigator has. A brilliant touchscreen display, an easy task to maneuver menus and accurate coast-to-coast map coverage get you point A to point B with confidence. Navigating the street ahead is even easier with spoken turn-by-turn directions including street names. Features like Reality View¿ ensure that you may never miss your exit again by providing realistic 3D map look at complex intersections. With over one million points-of-interest pre-loaded, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, plus more are simple to locate. Accessorize with NAVIGON Lifetime Traffic and ZAGAT Ratings and Review accessories. Includes pre-loaded continental U.S. maps.

Ready out-of-the-box. Just turn on and go!
Superbly accurate, door-to-door directions. Coast to coast maps of the continental U.S.
Spoken directions including street names via text-to-speech.
Reality View¿ makes complex highway junctions easy to navigate.
Simple-to-use 3.5″ touchscreen with predictive and animated menus.

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