Navigon 7100 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator review

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read more Details Product Description In the U.S., German-based Navigon might be the biggest name in gps you’venever heard. Navigon is definitely an important provider of navigation software to automotive manufacturers for in-dash gps navigation devices, but only recently did they introduce portable navigation devices under their very own name. The things they offer up, however, demonstrates immediately until this can be a company that knows navigation inside and out.
More about Navigon
Navigon…James Navigon
The first thing you notice in relation to its the Navigon 7100 GPS Navigator is, well, the Navigon 7100 GPS Navigator. It’s beautiful. It’s the form of device you’d expect an international spy to possess in their rocket car. It’s less than an inch thick, and its shiny black casing will go well with virtually any car interior. Paying a similar attention to every detail, Navigon’s included car mount raises the bar even higher, with a design that just isn’t only simple to use, but echoes the 7100′s in a way that makes device and accessory become one, adding a touch of style and elegance to your vehicle’s interior.

The Navigon 7100 provides a premium navigation experience in a sleek package. View larger.
Intuitive, animated menus offer predictive text input, helping you decide on your destination quickly. View larger.
The lane assistant provides guidance to the optimal lane for the route. View larger.
The reality view walks you with photo-realistic 3D images of junctions. View larger.
Packed with Features
When you stop ogling the outdoors and incredibly start using the 7100, that which you notice is Navigon has chose to avoid media support and instead has focused on navigation-based features. What this means is the 7100 is packed, offering an variety of features that are, on the time on this writing, unmatched at this price point. It provides you with turn-by-turn directions, including actual road names via text-to-speech. It includes built-in Bluetooth technology that enables hands-free cellular phone integration, which not only increases driver safety, but is fast becoming essential as states pass laws against talking on a cellphone hand set while driving. It warns you when you might be exceeding the speed limit. It offers 2D and 3D map views with incredibly precise road visualizations (more on that below). Its Navteq data contains millions Points of Interest (POIs) for example restaurants, hotels, golf courses, gas stations, banks, etc.
Reality View and Lane Assistant
The 7100 has two features that are an excellent assist in negotiating unfamiliar or complicated road systems. Lane Assistant stands out on the best lane in your case to become in relative on the proposed route, so you will not end up attempting to move over three lanes when the freeway splits.

Reality view guides you with photo-realistic 3D images of junctions, detailed with actual sign text and exit ramp guidance. This will make translating what are the navigator is hinting as to what the truth is about the road instantaneous.

Free Traffic for Life
This can be a biggie. The Navigon 7100 comes may be the first GPS device to supply subscription-free, real-time traffic information via the integrated traffic receiver with no extra fees or setup for the life in the product. Be advised on traffic flow and incidents, at the same time as the best alternate routes. The traffic info starts working as soon while you have the 7100 out in the box.
Zagat Ratings and Branded Icons for POIs
All of Navigon’s gps navigators offer Zagat ratings and reviews for their POIs, so while this device might not get that you simply beer, it may tell you best places to get the best one. Branded icons displayed on your own map allow it to be simpler to navigate to your familiar location of the choice.

Superior Software and Hardware
The features and operations in the Navigon 7100 are controlled via intuitive, easy-to-use animated menus that use predictive text input to quickly select your city, state and address. Maps and menus be visible on its extra-large and elegant, high-contrast 4.3-inch, full-color touch-screen display by having an easy-to-read 16:9 aspect ratio on an exceptional view of the road. The Navigon 7100 includes an effective Samsung 400 MHz processor, a fully integrated SiRF Star III GPS chip, 64 MBs of both RAM and ROM built in, plus a rechargeable 1,200 mAh lithium ion battery which is rated for 4.5 hours of continuous use. All this really is housed in an ultra-thin, sleek piano black housing that weighs only seven ounces, and measures just 5.1 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D). The Navigon 7100 even comes pre-loaded with complete maps in the U.S. and Canada, providing you with superbly accurate, seamless door-to-door directions wherever your vehicular travels might take you.

Note that this 7100 runs around the Microsoft Windows CD Net 5.0 operating system. A PC is needed to use additional map data, and in such cases users require Windows 2000, ME, XP or higher, also as a CD ROM drive as well as a USB port. An SD/MMC card audience recommended since the 7100 not only uses SD cards, but also comes using a 2 GB SD card inside package.

What’s inside Box
The Navigon 7100 preloaded with North American maps, 2 GB SD card, car charger, wall charger, car mount, USB cable, CD and user manual on DVD, quick installation guide, and warranty information.
About Navigon
NAVIGON has been a leader of GPS navigation since 1991, and it has a long reputation industry innovations. NAVIGON came up with world’s first dynamic personal GPS product in 1996, launched the industry’s first navigation software for your Pocket PC in 2000, and unveiled the first Traffic Message Channel-based (TMC) avoidance feature on mobile navigation product in 2002.

NAVIGON has helped revolutionize how consumers get from destination to place with software products for practically any navigation-ready hardware. Personal navigation devices (PND), smartphones, and in-dash satnav systems directed by NAVIGON’s award-winning MobileNavigator (MN) software delivers reliable information on numerous destinations within an intuitive, simple to use format. NAVIGON is really a valued partner for the automotive industry, as well as in 2006 strengthened its category competency by acquiring NAVTEQ’s navigation software business.

NAVIGON is really a privately-held software company located in Hamburg, Germany, with NAVIGON USA headquarters in Chicago, IL.

Precise turn-by-turn directions, including spoken road names via text-to-speech
Lane assistant recommends the best lane for you to be in relative to the proposed route
Photo-realistic 3D images of junctions, complete with actual sign text and exit ramp guidance
Free real-time traffic information via the integrated traffic receiver
High-contrast, wide-format 4.3-inch, full-color touch-screen display; unit measures 5.1 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D)

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