Nextar SNAP5 Super Slim 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator price

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read more Details Product Description The Nextar SNAP5 with 5-inch touch-screen display is a space-saving 0.7-inch thick GPS navigation system–with Nextar’s advanced magnetic docking station. The SNAP5 comes with built-in stereo speakers and text-to-speech (English) technology while offering maps with the entire US and all sorts of of Canada.

The Nextar SNAP5 with 5-inch touch-screen display providing you with interfacing capability while map is being viewed.

Large, clear, colorful images of maps from all 50 states and Canada are shown about the SNAP5s’ 4:3 TFT touch-screen display. Maps are given on one 2GB SD card for straightforward installation. Text-to-speech technology clearly pronounces road names in English. Software support is provided for English, French, and Spanish, the three most spoken languages inside covered areas. A special automatic night mode offers additional screen lighting for easy-on-the-eye viewing. Voice-guided directions with turn-by-turn voice prompts are clearly audible through built-in stereo speakers.

Users will don’t have any trouble locating any number of hotels, shopping centers, gas stations, and restaurants along their routes, because the SNAP5 provides numerous points of interest. If the user misses a turn, a fresh route is recalculated instantly. Digital map details are offered by Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content that power many of the world’s most essential navigation and location-based services.

The SNAP5 also gets the capability to play MP3 files and display JPEG images (a required SD card of these functions just isn’t included). Addresses for favorite destinations might be stored for easy access. Other features include 2D and 3D map-viewing modes, a SD card slot for additional memory, plus a built-in antenna. A lightweight, built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery supplies power.

Stylish and space-saving 0.7-inch thick GPS navigation system.
Adjustable mount to your windshield or dashboard.
Key SNAP5 Features
Touch-screen display: Provides interfacing capability while map has been viewed
Built-in speaker: No extra wires or speaker to connect
3D building display: Buildings could be shown in 3D to offer as landmarks, helping the driver know precisely when you should turn
Text-to-Speech: Safety feature that allows driver to help keep eyes for the road while getting directions; clearly pronounces names of streets encountered during drive
Points of Interest: Name or description of the specific location that user might find useful or interesting; generally indicated by an icon about the map
Lithium -Ion Battery: Lightweight, holds charge longer, and does not have problems with memory effect in comparison to similar batteries
SD card slot: Provides additional memory and is also used for MP3 playing or JPEG image viewing
Day and Night modes: Night mode offers additional lighting on screen for easier viewing
MP3 playing: Allows driver and/or passengers to listen to favorite MP3 files during vehicle
JPEG viewing: View photos and other graphics whilst in vehicle
Favorite address storage: Quick, easy approach to find addresses of frequently visited destinations
Route recalculation: Instantly changes route if driver misses turn
Built in antenna: Ensures reception of signal without running additional wires
Stylus: Allows user to point more accurately than using a finger to small areas on the display screen
What’s within the Box
Nextar SNAP5 5-inch GPS Navigation System, AC Adapter, Car Adapter, USB cable, Pouch, Mounting cradle, Dashboard mount disk, Mounting Bracket, 2GB SD card

About Nextar
Nextar inside categories it chooses to enter, the products that it develops and in the manner by which it would go to market desires and strives to be nothing short of Bold and New. Bold–the categories, products and retail avenues that would be the most salient and relevant in the day. New–utilizing the most recent technologies in dynamic, salient, relevant nevertheless affordable products and placing these products inside the highest volume traditional and, as or maybe more importantly, non-traditional consumer electronic retail.
The Nextar SNAP5 GPS mobile navigation system assures that the days to get lost are over. Finding an address or any among 1.6 million points of interest for example the nearest gas station or restaurant is often a snap anywhere inside the U.S and Canada. Now with 3D building graphics for most major cities. Just enter information for the SNAP5 larger 5 inch touch screen and allow voice prompt and detailed map direct you towards the destination. The SNAP5 features a built-in stereo speaker, high sensitive antenna, MP3 feature and photo viewer. The SNAP5 has Text-To-Speech navigation that clearly pronounces instructions including street names(English). Preloaded with Canada and USA map that includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico on 1 GB SD card. Additional features include Music player and JPeg image viewer built in. Comes with AC/DC Adapter, Car Power Adapter, Suction cup, protection/carry pouch and USB cable.

Nextar SNAP5 In-Dash Vehicle Navigation System with 5-Inch Screen
Pre-loaded with maps of the U.S and Canada on a pre-loaded SD memory card
Plays MP3s so driver and/or passengers can listen to their favorite MP3 files while in vehicle
Text-to-Speech safety feature that allows driver to keep eyes on the road while getting directions
Touch-screen display provides interfacing capability while map is being viewed

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