Panasonic Pro AG-DVC7 MiniDV Proline Camcorder w/15x Optical Zoom review

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Manufacturer Description The Panasonic AG-DVC7 can make it simple for anybody to produce professional-looking digital videos. Its shoulder-held design provides outstanding stability when shooting. A variety of automatic functions combine with large control buttons and digital picture effects to make sure simple operation and extraordinary results. An IEEE1394 DV In/Out terminal facilitates PC video editing and website production. And a full distinctive line of optional equipment, including a wide conversion lens, and external stereo microphone, lets the AG-DVC7 serve a selection of high-level uses. Lightweight and all to easy to use, the AG-DVC7 is perfect for applications demanding professional recording performance at an entry-level price.
Pro-Style Shoulder-Held Design
The AG-DVC7 features a convenient shoulder-held design, extra-large handle grip, fingertip zoom control, and LCD panel and viewfinder for easy viewing. It weighs just 4.62 pounds in full operating condition. This adds as much as stable images with minimal hand shaking, in addition to the type of quick, easy subject framing you merely cannot get using a handheld camera.

The AG-DV7′s shoulder-held design offers you steady images and quick framing of subjects

15x Contact Lens and Digital Zoom
The AG-DVC7 comes which has a powerful 15x contact lens and adds an electronic zoom function providing you with ultra-telephoto zooming completely to 750x. Its large zoom rocker switch is conveniently positioned around the handle grip for easy, responsive zoom operation. The extra zoom power can be a great plus for sports applications or whenever the shooter can’t get close to the action.

Manual/Auto Focus and More
Switch between auto and manual focus based on your shooting needs. In manual mode, the massive focus ring provides the type of focusing precision you’d expect from the professional camera. You are able to manually adjust the iris, shutter speed, white balance and audio recording level when desired.

Auto Functions for Beautiful Results with Ease
The AG-DVC7′s many automatic functions make it all to easy to produce beautiful videos. These include Digital EIS (Electric Image Stabilizer) to compensate for jitter and vibration-induced image distortions, Backlight Compensation to prevent black breakdown, and Auto Tracking White Balance for superb pictures when tracking moving subjects.
Conveniently placed controls on the AG-DV7
Program AE
The AG-DVC7 comes preset with ideal iris size and shutter speed combinations to get a selection of subjects and shooting conditions. Select from five program AE modes: sports, portrait, spotlight, surf & snow, and low light. These settings enable you to adopt perfect shots quickly and easily.

Superior Digital Recording
The AG-DVC7 uses the ubiquitous DV format, with an 8-bit digital recording system that delivers high-quality pictures. The 16-bit digital sound system rivals CDs in quality. Choose sound in both a 48-kHz/16-bit, 2-channel, or perhaps a 32-kHz/12-bit, 4-channel mode during playback.

IEEE1394 DV In/Out Terminal
A DV (IEEE1394) 4-pin digital interface terminal makes it all to easy to upload pictures and audio to your Macintosh or Windows-based PC for non-linear editing without having loss in quality. Users can also dub without deterioration involving the AG-DVC7 as well as an AG-DV1DC, AG-DV2500 or other DV VTR.

Options to the Professional
An accessory kit plus a number of additional options can be found using the AG-DVC7. Add a 0.7x wide conversion lens, external stereo microphone, or large-capacity 2.8-A battery depending on your professional needs.

Other Features
2.5-inch color LCD side monitor
Rec start/stop button and zoom lever on the top handle grip
Picture Effects Function includes Wipe, Mix, Strobe, Gainup, Trail, Mosaic, and Mirror
Jog Menu Dial
Video and S-Video In/Out
Mic In and Audio In/Out
The MiniDV Format
MiniDV, one with the most common form of digital camcorder, records video with all the standard DV-format. It’s the preferred format for broadcast-quality video, and yes it can be highly regarded because of its high audio whilst still being image quality. This is delivered over a cassette that’s 1/12th the scale of a standard VHS tape. Tapes appear in lengths of 60 and 80 minutes at standard speed (SP), with use of lower speed mode (SP) increasing time for you personally to 90 and 120 minutes while reducing resolution.

Playing DV Tapes on a DVCPRO VTR
Using the AJ-CS455P adaptor, mini-DV cassettes can be played back by means of a DVCPRO VTR. This implies it is achievable to utilize mini-DV cassettes as media (playback only) in DVCPRO production systems. Panasonic’s Emmy Award-winning DVCPRO format may be the industry’s standard for digital acquisition and recording, and also the most rapidly adopted professional video format in history. Recording just isn’t possible, even while using adaptor. Also, DVCPRO systems cannot play back DV tapes recorded in LP mode, or long-play Mini-DV tapes (SP mode: 80 minutes; LP mode: 120 minutes).

Possible configurations with additional components
What’s inside the Box:
Panasonic AG-DVC7, shoulder strap, AC cable, lens cap, DC cable, battery 1.6-Ah, AC adapter, wireless remote controller, battery for wireless remote controller, cleaning tape.
340,000 Pixels / Uses MiniDV Tapes / 4-Pin IEEE1394 Firewire Port / 15x Optical Zoom / Microphone / Image Stabilizer

Professional MiniDV format camcorder with shoulder-mount and extra-large handle grip
15x zoom lens and up to 750x digital zoom
Fully automatic and manual focus lens with Digital Electronic Image Stabilizer
Program AE modes include sports, portrait, spotlight, surf & snow, and low light
Powered by lithium ion battery; FireWire and S-Video ports

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