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Specifically made with Joe the Plumber in mind, the iTrack is simpler to use than a cell phone and cheaper to use than most GPS services for the market. There aren’t any “special” codes to memorize and you may not need to adopt any college-level computer courses to understand the best way to use it. If you may use Yahoo or google maps, you will find where your iTrack is – quickly and accurately.
Extended Battery Life
The iTrack comes built with long life dual Lithium-Ion batteries that last up to 6 days on the single charge. The iTrack will automatically come back to Hibernate mode in minutes when not communicated with.  
  That’s right! All ElectroFlip brand products purchased through Amazon come with a free no hassle LIFETIME warranty. If there is ever any problem a brand new item is merely a few clicks away!

Product Features
Uses Cellular and GPS Technology – Designed to be used in conjunction with cell towers and GPS satellites, all you will need to operate this simple beauty is a pre-paid SIM card. The iTrack uses up to 32 satellite channels and cellular towers for accuracy within 10 feet.
Multiple Tracking Modes – You have the option of setting your iTrack to report its location as often as every 10 seconds or any duration Minute, Hour, Day – it depends on how often you want the iTrack to report its precise location. You can also use the On Demand tracking feature – the iTrack only reports its location when prompted – to extend battery life.
Geo-Fencing – Have a wiley teenager? You can pre-set a Geo-fence zone to alert you every time Timmy the Teenager goes outside a specified zone – Timmy will never be able to go to the wrong side of tracks without your knowledge. Zones can be as big or as small as you want them to be – you decide what is “off-limits”.
Built-in Cellular Components – Unit comes with with all the cellular components that you need built internally, all you need is a SIM card. No bulky cell adapters are necessary.
No Software to Buy – You never have to download or fiddle with complicated software. Simply enter the latitude and longitude of the location report on any online mapping website such as Google Maps, MapQuest, Yahoo! Maps, or even downloadable software like Google Earth to find the iTrack’s location within 10 feet.

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