Sony NVU94T 4.8-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Traffic and Text-to-Speech price

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Manufacturer’s Review (September 2, 2008)
In addition to excellent navigation and convenient handsfree communication using your cellular phone the Sony NV-U94T Portable GPS Navigator can be loaded basic entertainment features as a possible audio/video player, photo viewer, and Bluetooth stereo music streaming capabilities. But first and foremost a portable navigation system, the NV-U94T offers Sony’s POSITION plus means to fix difficult GPS reception conditions for navigation assistance even while under dense foliage or tall buildings. And it could receive real-time traffic updates with the RDS-TMC receiver built into its cradle along with a 90-day trial while using Traffic Message Channel (TMC) service. Other features include pre-installed maps for North America, over 5 million points of great interest (POIs) with quicker searching, a 4.8-inch screen with Gesture Command, text-to-speech capabilities, and support for Memory Stick Duo media.
The NV-U94T portable navigation device also comes with a photo viewer, audio/video player and stereo Bluetooth technology for streaming audio and making hands-free phone calls. GPS signals can simply be distorted by tall buildings, very dense foliage, or blocked altogether when underground, and when this happens a GPS device can simply offer a false location. Sony’s POSITION plus feature is really a unique, hardware-based solution that consists of an acceleration sensor, a pressure sensor along with a gyro sensor that together can calculate the vehicle’s present position based on the last known GPS location. The actual result is often a more consistent and accurate position that helps provide interruption-free guidance within the most difficult of GPS reception conditions.

Enjoy powerful, portable navigation out of the box pre-loaded map content covering North America–Canada and from the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico)–as well as over 5 million POIs. During address searches, the unit can automatically complete partial entries of states, cities and street names. The new Sony nav-u device also supplies a revised search algorithm for quicker POI searches along with the Quick Link search features providing you with a one-touch search for your favorite POI. For example, you can save a favorite coffee shop destination with a Quick Link button and perform that search any number of times without having to retype the search string. Brand icons help users quickly identify their favorite restaurants, hotels, gas stations, stores along with other locations while on a trip through unfamiliar cities. And this Sony nav-u unit are in possession of Thirty percent more brand icons than previous models (more than 150 brands).

With the RDS-TMC receiver built in to the cradle, you could get real-time traffic updates to assist you navigate around traffic jams. The NV-U94T’s cradle features a built-in RDS-TMC real-time traffic receiver. With RDS-TMC real-time traffic functionality, the NV-U94T can notify you in available coverage areas of up-to-date traffic conditions. The device can automatically display the estimated quantity of minutes delay and if desired, can automatically reroute you across the incident. The NV-U94T is sold with 90 times of real-time traffic clear of charge. For continued traffic service, to join can cost as low as several dollars each month after the initial trial period.

The new photo viewer feature turns the screen in a picture frame. You are able to view your digital images by inserting a Memory Stick in the Memory Stick Pro Duo slot. The NV-U94T could also play MP3 and non-DRM AAC music files and MPEG-4 video files from Memory Stick PRO Duo media. Sony has incorporated stereo Bluetooth technology (A2DP profile) to the device, allowing audio to get streamed wirelessly from your device to some compatible Bluetooth-enabled car stereo system.

Hands-free calling can be supported. With a built-in microphone, drivers are able to use voice commands to initiate calls via compatible Bluetooth-enabled cell phones. You’ll be able to transfer your phone’s address book over to the NV-U94T, helping to make dialing a contact easier and safer. The phone dialing function is also linked on the points of interest (POI) database, enabling the user to locate for any POI, such being a restaurant, then call ahead for information.

With the new Gesture Command feature, you can jump to commands with one touch on the display. For example, you can advance on the next picture in the photo viewer or music track within the audio player which has a swipe in the finger from left to right through the screen. Commonly used commands such as “take me home” may be accessed by gesturing an inverted “V” on the screen versus paging through numerous menu screens. Other gesture commands include zoom in or out and call home.

Using the included Super Suction Cup, mounting the NV-U94T to either the dashboard, console, or windshield in every vehicle is fast and easy. Stable and secure while driving, it could be easily removed whenever you need to take it with you.

Other features include:

4.8-inch anti-glare LCD touchscreen with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
SiRF star III GPS receiver with POSITION plus
TTS (Text to Speech): The device utilizes spoken commands ensuring you get lucky and be able to follow the directions by street names.
3D Junction Guide: The device’s dual view capability displays dynamic route information, additionally for the conventional map view, to supply a much clearer take a glance at what’s in the next turn or in the highway merge scenario, which junction to take.
Battery life: Up to 2 hours
Battery charging time: Three hours when on, 1.5 hours in standby mode
Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches
Weight: 8.8 ounces
Nicely compact, the Sony NV-U94T provides excellent viewing of navigation while not blocking your view with the road.
What’s inside the Box
Sony NV-U94T, car cradle (with TMC receiver), TMC antenna, car battery adapter (XA-DC3), USB cable, quick-start guide
The Sony nav-u portable satellite navigation product is a lot more than basic digital maps; it may be the system that gets you in places you must go quickly and efficiently with intuitive features that allow you to along your journey. The latest Sony navigation system brings Photo Viewerand multi-media playback capability to a already packed and helpful unit.

4.8-Inch Anti-glare/Anti-fingerprint touchscreen Display
Pre-installed Maps of the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico
Supports Memory Stick Duo Media
Car cradle with Traffic information RDS-TMC3 capability
Bluetooth hands-free calling with built-in microphone

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