SVAT CV65 Outdoor Nightvision Security Camera (Color)

Product Description

The CV65 camera is ideal for monitoring your children, your home, your retail outlet and more.

SVAT CV65 Outdoor Nightvision Security Camera (Color)

SVAT CV65 Outdoor Nightvision Security Camera (Color)

The Clearvu 65 is an outdoor color camera with a resolution of 330 TV lines and with 15 infrared LEDs. The LEDs allow you to see what is happening even in the dark up to six feet away as the camera automatically switches to night vision.

The metal casing and mounting bracket provide durability and weather resistance, not to mention style.

The camera is also wall or ceiling mountable adding to its versatility. The connection on the camera is 4 PIN DIN.

Technical Details

  • Anodized aluminum casing provides extra durability and will not rust
  • 15 infrared LEDs turn on automatically to let you see in the dark
  • Weather resistant for all seasons
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR, computer or DVR for recording
  • 60 feet of cable for greater camera placement flexibility

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