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Everyone is a responsible driver but, sometimes, we exceed speed limits on the road. Whistler XTR-180 is an alert system that helps you regulate a good speed.

Getting the Whistler XTR-180 Battery-Operated Laser Radar Detector offers that you simply wide variety of stabilizing alerts that assist keep you on the right speed.

Regulating car speed is art, skill, and science. All may be compromised. Whistler XTR-180 is really a battery operated radar detector that provides alerts when traffic enforcement officers and agencies are monitoring your road speed. Traffic officers regulate your speed by supplying you with summonses. Whistler nudges one to slow down. Now which method do you prefer?

Consider the Whistler XTR-180 an indication how the inner sanctum of one’s driving environment is continually interactive. Don’t fall into a speed trap. This radar detector keeps you driving responsibly. It’s an excellent investment.

3 City Modes/Highway Mode High Gain Lens Tone Alerts Stay Alert mode Dim/Dark Mode Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes Alert Priority Setting Saver Selectable Auto Shut Off Safety Warning System – SWS Patented VG-2 Cloaking Technology Includes 3 AAA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries Size = 4.875 x 2.875 x 1.3; Weight = 8.5 oz

Product Features
Battery Operated with Internal Battery Charger
Icon Display
Patented POP Mode Detection – There are new guns out there that operate just like the instant-on guns of the past but with a very tough new twist – POP mode! This new gun is a normal K and Ka band radar gun detectable by most radar detectors made in the past 30 years, until this gun is placed in POP mode. When the gun is in POP Mode and activated, a brief burst of energy, less than 1/15 of a second, is transmitted and the vehicle’s speed is quickly acquired. A detector without POP Mode detecti
Total Band Protection
360 Total Perimeter Protection

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