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Amazon.com Product Description Whistler’s XTR-690SE can be a detector that maximizes sensitivity and minimizes falsing. Ka Max Mode gives you improved Ka Band sensitivity. Radar Signature ID displays known Ka gun frequencies to assist distinguish threats, and Laser Signature ID does the same by displaying pulses per second of received laser signals. Take benefit of 360-degree coverage for many radar and laser bands, Whistler’s patented POP-mode detection, and a insightful bonus features just like a 72-point digital compass and vehicle battery voltmeter.

The XTR-690SE maximizes sensitivity and minimizes falsing. Click to enlarge.

Red Text Display
The brilliant red text display provides distinct visual confirmation of signals detected, signal strength, and indicates engaged modes of operation.

Filter Mode
There are times whenever a radar detector can emit a similar frequency as police radar and may cause your detector to falsely alarm. Sometimes a detector can show a signal when picking up another radar detector in vehicle close by. The Whistler Filter Mode checks the signal to make sure that if it’s actually a legitimate police radar or perhaps a false alert from another detector.

Auto Dim Mode
The Auto Dim feature automatically switches the illumination with the text display between the bright and dim settings as outlined by varying light conditions to ensure the text display will often be an easy task to read.

Add the Whistler INTELLICORD and you’ll be capable of remotely control the radar detector in settings including power on/off, city modes, dim/dark and quiet/auto quiet which has a simple press of the button.

Real Voice Alerts

Real Voice provides added information on the detected signal over and over the simple band ID tones from internal speaker. Click to enlarge.
Add the Whistler INTELLICORD for remote control of radar detector settings. Click to enlarge.

Real Voice provides added information to the detected signal over and over the simple band ID tones. The unit says “X band” if this detects an X band signal. This permits that you maintain your eyes on-the-road. Real Voice is also employed to articulate Safety Warning System messages and show selections. Real Voice will be accustomed to articulate the following:

Band Identification
Safety Warning System messages
Feature Selection
Low Profile Alert Periscopes
Whistler’s Low Profile Alert Periscopes provide an additional attention getting visual alert. The two extra LEDs flash off and on when the unit alarms to give a unique visual alert.

3 City Modes/Highway Mode
Highway mode provides full audio and visual warning of laser/radar systems while maintaining full sensitivity. Highway mode may be the default setting coming from all Whistler’s laser/radar detectors. City mode helps reduce the annoyance of automatic door openers and burglar alarm alerts by providing a preliminary alert (same distance as Highway Mode) then remaining quiet unless the signal strength becomes very strong. When the signal boosts the unit will alert briefly to notify you from the alteration of signal strength.

Stay Alert
The Take Notice feature is built to test a driver’s alertness. Within 30 to 60 seconds following the feature is engaged an alert is sounded; to demonstrate alertness, the driver must press the volume, city or perhaps the mute button within 3-5 seconds. If the button is pressed within 3-5 seconds, the cycle is repeated. If the button has not been pressed within 3-5 seconds the machine alarms at full volume along with the display shows an unique visual alert.

Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
Pressing QUIET before a signal is detected engages Auto Quiet Mode, which automatically reduces the audio level following your initial warning to a low audio level setting. Pressing QUIET during a radar/laser encounter silences audio alerts, while allowing visual alerts to help keep you informed.

Alert Priority
When two or higher signals are received at the same time, the alert priority is: Laser, VG-2, Speed Radar, Safety Radar.

Example: If X band is alerting, then suddenly a VG-2 signal is detected, the VG-2 warning will override the X band alert.

Vehicle Battery Saver Mode
The Vehicle Battery Saver Mode automatically shuts off your detector within 3 hours should you forget to turn it off. The timer is reset if the detector is turned off, unplugged or any button is pressed ahead of the Six hours have expired. The detector will alert you with an audible and visual warning before it shuts off.

Safety Warning System–SWS
This relatively recent radar isn’t for speed detection at all, it is accustomed to help you stay informed of highway safety. Transmitters are installed and programmed (for example: in emergency vehicles) to create you mindful of possible situations which could require your attention, such as: ambulance vehicles which can be moving or stationary, road hazards ahead, road construction delays or detours, etc.

What’s inside the Box
Whistler XTR-690SE, Power Cord, Windshield Mount, User’s Manual
The XTR-690SE is a in the High-Performance Radar-Laser Detectors. This high-performance detector features Ka Max Mode, RSID, LSID, Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode, Total Band Protection and POP Mode Detection that indentifies when short-burst lasers are used. Plus it features a 72-point digital compass for accurate directions, Selectable Battery Voltage Meter, Real Voice Alerts and far more. Features: 3 City Modes, 3 Filter Modes, 360 degree Maxx Coverage, 72 Point Digital Compass, Alert Periscopes, Alert Priority, Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode, Dim/Dark Modes, High Gain Lens, INTELLICORD Ready, Ka Max Mode, LSID – Laser Signature ID, POP Mode Detection, Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes, Real Voice Alert, Red Text Display, RSID – Radar Signature ID, Safety Warning System – SWS, Selectable Bands, Selectable Battery Voltage Meter, Selectable Tone Alerts, Selectable Vehicle Battery Saver, Setting Saver, Stay Alert, Total Band Protection.

Product Features
Total Band protection with selectable bands
Exclusive twin alert periscopes
Real Voice alerts
Enhanced High Performance with new Ka Max Mode

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